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Top Gun References

We recently graduated a CF-18 Hornet Pilot from our Top Gun iP2 Novice Paragliding Pilot program.  Read about his impressions of iParaglide.

iParaglide Location

Located at 962 - 51st Street Tsawwassen, near Vancouver, BC, Canada, for all your paragliding needs. We are ideally situated just minutes away from the finest training hill at Diefenbaker Park.

iParaglide Flying Sites

We are central to paragliding sites in the Vancouver, Chilliwack, Pemberton, Whistler, Bellingham and Seattle area so students enjoy maximum variety and we can work with weather to optimize selection of the best location each day.

Right Stuff Equipment

We regularly test fly the latest paragliding gear and select only the very finest for our iParaglide Right Stuff Paragliding Equipment Store. This ensures our paraglider pilots enjoy a state of the art performance and safety advantage to accelerate their learning curve.

Paragliding Webcams

Vancouver Paragliding Webcams - get a view of cloud base to plan your paragliding cross country flight adventure.

Woodside Mtn Webcam

Bridal Webcam

Chilliwack Webcam

Hope Webcam 

Pemberton Webcam

Bellingham Bay Webcam

Tiger Mtn Webcam 

Shared Tandem - Paragliding - $227

If you have always dreamed of flying, free from your earthly worries, let us take you "under our wing".

Experience the magical pleasure of soaring high in the deep blue sky, unencumbered by the responsibility. A tandem-class certified pilot will take you on a glider designed for two through your first steps leaving the ground; to playing where the hawks and eagles roam; to floating down for a gentle landing in a soft, grassy field.  

You fly strapped in front of your instructor. They will inflate the paraglider into the wind and guide it overhead. Once the glider is overhead, it floats there waiting: a giant ram-air kite. A few running steps down an alpine slope gets you to take-off speed, and you are gently lifted off the ground and take flight.

This is true free flight, with no windscreen to separate you from total immersion into the sky. The paraglider is incredibly maneuverable, allowing very precise, tight turns. You will feel the air rushing softly around you.

You will fly in a harness that will immediately allow you to be comfortably seated and feel supported and secure above the incredible vista below.

At times you will experience the "aha" moment, the feeling of omnipotence, like some sky god from Greek mythology, soaring above the tiny, mere mortals below. 

The typical flight lasts at least 15 minutes, however, depending on the presence of ridge or thermal lift, it is not uncommon to have flights lasting several hours. Many times we join hawks and eagles as they play gracefully in rising currents of air.

At all times your pilot will fly the paraglider, leaving you free to admire the pure, surreal sensations of leaving the earth. You may also wish to bring along a camera to document this horizon expanding experience. Then, if you are feeling particularly inspired, and at your discretion, you may request the instructor to allow you o take the controls to do some free flying of your own.

We take pride in our tandem operations. We charge the right price so you get the complete flying experience. Prior to taking you on your first venture into the big blue beyond, we provide some instruction on the principles of flight and show you details of the paraglider aircraft. In this manner, you can become a more active participant, increasing your enjoyment and understanding of what we are doing at each phase of the flight, and providing some powerful insights into our great sport.

We fly for the passenger first. That means we do as little or as much as you desire. You may choose to have a smooth glassy flight slowly floating down into the sunset, or if you are feeling a little more radical, we can take you on a two-gravity spiral dive thrill-ride.

The sky is the limit!

Shared Tandem - Paragliding - $227*

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*1 hour course (minimum) includes: tandem-level theory, pre-flight exercises and 15 minute (minimum) tandem piloted high flight.  Price includes all required equipment and transportation.  We only require that you bring your own sturdy, agile footwear with good ankle support (ex. hikers) and warm athletic clothing providing full body coverage.  We will endeavor to stay up as long as possible, dependent on conditions.  So allow up to 2 hours to account for waiting for the appropriate wind and the possibility of an extended soaring flight. It is in our interest to give you the ride of your life!  Full payment of the course and time commitment to a specific date must be received prior to commencement of training, with no refunds for partial course completion. We reserve the right to discontinue training any student not following directions or conducting themselves in a manner that may endager themselves or others.