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Top Gun References

We recently graduated a CF-18 Hornet Pilot from our Top Gun iP2 Novice Paragliding Pilot program.  Read about his impressions of iParaglide.

iParaglide Location

Located at 962 - 51st Street Tsawwassen, near Vancouver, BC, Canada, for all your paragliding needs. We are ideally situated just minutes away from the finest training hill at Diefenbaker Park.

iParaglide Flying Sites

We are central to paragliding sites in the Vancouver, Chilliwack, Pemberton, Whistler, Bellingham and Seattle area so students enjoy maximum variety and we can work with weather to optimize selection of the best location each day.

Right Stuff Equipment

We regularly test fly the latest paragliding gear and select only the very finest for our iParaglide Right Stuff Paragliding Equipment Store. This ensures our paraglider pilots enjoy a state of the art performance and safety advantage to accelerate their learning curve.

Paragliding Webcams

Vancouver Paragliding Webcams - get a view of cloud base to plan your paragliding cross country flight adventure.

Woodside Mtn Webcam

Bridal Webcam

Chilliwack Webcam

Hope Webcam 

Pemberton Webcam

Bellingham Bay Webcam

Tiger Mtn Webcam 

iP1.5 - Student Paragliding Pilot - $1,097

If you already know that you want several mountain flights, but are uncertain whether or not you will make a full commitment to the sport, consider our iP1.5 Student Pilot Paragliding Program comprised of 4 Mountain Flights which includes rent/use of our state-of-the-art equipment during 3 days of intensive training. The course includes all of the iP1 Solo components and goes beyond. This is a two weekend experience designed to significantly exceed the HPAC and USHPA P1 programs uses dual instructors to train pilots to become self-landing. 

At iParaglide we have trained over 1,100 students in first flight paragliding courses over our 19 years of operation and take pride in keeping our pilots safe through carefully designed systems. This, among other core values, is what distinguishes us from other schools.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do and it is something that is engineered, not chanced upon. We achieve safety through solid founding principles including: selecting a high Factor of Safety headroom; ensuring the pilot is mentally prepared for flight; using only the finest equipment; selecting optimum flying sites; and carefully selected atmospheric conditions.

The purpose of the iP1.5 Student Pilot course is to provide a thorough introduction to the sport of paragliding through sufficient flights to develop a flying awareness, while under strict supervision from two instructors. On successful completion, the student will be able to perform a standard aircraft approach landing without landing instructor input, thus becoming self-landing.  Moving forward, they will only require one launch instructor to supervise thier mountain flying. The Student will have enough knowledge and experience to make a good decision if they wish to continue with full iP2 Novice Pilot paragliding certification. 

Paragliding Theory

 The Theory session will cover:

  • Sport overview
  • Basic paragliding aerodynamics and how to launch, fly and land a paraglider
  • Basic Airspace and Regulatory framework 

A written exam will consolidate the learning process and test your knowledge of student theory. The exam requires a 75% pass mark. 

Paragliding Slope Soaring and Kiting 

A Slope Soaring and Kiting session will be used to teach:

  • Forward launch technique
  • Reverse launch technique and further practice on forward launch 

Slope Soaring will be done on grass training hills where you begin to apply real skills. You will learn to launch, fly and steer the glider to a gentle landing. We start with launching off small slopes and only skimming a few feet above the ground, to progressively getting higher. You will be changed forever by these first few moments of flight in all their glory.

Kiting will be done at a sea-breeze influenced park, where you will learn how to reverse launch and/or kite your paraglider. 

You will practice:

  • Laying out the paraglider and sorting the lines in preparation for take off; 
  • working with the wind to inflate and bring the paraglider overhead; 
  • controlling and kiting the paraglider; 
  • accelerating and running with the paraglider to get airborne;
  • turning and controlling the paraglider in flight;
  • and flaring the paraglider to come in for a soft controlled landing.


Paragliding Mountain Flights

When you have successfully completed Theory, Slope Soaring and Kiting with a required 75% pass mark, we take you for your first solo flights off a mountain. Note that for your safety, some students may have to repeat course modules at a surcharge.

Your preflight briefing will go over a detailed flight plan including "mission" objectives. Four Mountain Flights will be carefully supervised by flight-command instructors via radio.  A launch instructor on the mountain will help you set up, and launch.

While free from the ground up in the air, you will experience true free-flight, while initiating some in-flight practice maneuvers.  No windscreen will separate you from total immersion into the sky.  You will feel the air rushing softly around you.  You will fly seated in a comfortable padded paragliding harness that will immediately allow you to feel secure and supported above the incredible vista below.  You will soar high above the valley with meandering rivers below, while glaciers glisten in the bowls of the majestic mountains that surround you.  At times you will experience the "aha" moment, the feeling of omnipotence, like some sky god from Greek mythology, soaring above the tiny, mere mortals below.

You will be guided via radio to the landing field where the landing instructor will guide you down for a gentle landing. Afterwards, you will be debriefed on the accomplishment of your objectives for the flight.

We teach in a synergistic and progressive manner, where with each high mountain flight, we will transfer more responsibility to the pilot.  The 4th flight will be a test of your new skills. You will be required to prepare and conduct a proper launch, execute the flight plan, perform precise maneuvers in flight, and land close to target using a standard aircraft approach. The landing instructor will be in standby mode to offer corrective input only if required. The objective is to have you conduct the landing on your own and thereby become self-landing.  

The iP1.5 Student Pilot paragliding program pilots must commit to two full weekends, with long training days from dawn to dusk to allow for changing wind and weather and individual progression rates. A third weekend must be reserved to allow for a bad weather weekend back-up.

This program will confirm whether or not you wish to become a fully certified iP2 Novice Pilot. Most people who have flown the first four Mountain Flights can't wait to do the next sixteen!

iP1.5 Student Pilot - Paragliding - $1,097 (+$97 theory repeats, +$197 slope soaring repeats, +$347 additional days)*

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* Course conducted over 3 weekend days. Includes rent/use of iParaglide's state-of-the-art equipment. Includes: a Theory session with a HPAC P1 written exam; two Slope Soaring/Kiting sessions; four dual instructor supervised Mountain Flights including an in-flight exam. Pilots must reserve three full weekends from dawn to dusk to allow for changing weather conditions, individual progress rates, and a bad weather weekend back-up. Pilots not attending scheduled days or leaving mid-day will be charged $347/day for additional days, as required, or forgo course components on missed days. Course modules require successful completion and a 75% minimum pass mark. Students will have to repeat failed modules at a surcharge of $97 for Theory and/or $197 for Slope Soaring course modules. We ask that you bring your own sturdy, agile footwear with ankle support (ex. hikers) and warm athletic clothing providing full body coverage. There is an i4X4 fee for rides up the mountains at $10-$20 per trip depending on the mountain. For pilots carpooling from iParaglide or other carpooling locations, there is a $80/day iRide fee which includes mountain transportation. Some landing sites require a $10/day fee payable by the student to the land owner.  Full payment of the course and time commitment to specific dates must be received prior to commencement of training, with no refunds for partial course completion. We reserve the right to discontinue training any student not following directions or conducting themselves in a manner that may endanger themselves or others.

iP1 Solo Upgrade

Paragliding: + $400**

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** We will credit $697 from the iP1 Solo against the iP1.5 Student Pilot course if you sign up and pay for the iP1.5 Student Pilot the same day after your iP1 Solo, you have passed with a minimum of 75% each course module, and continue with the paragliding flights within 6 days, while the knowledge is still fresh.  In this case, you only have to pay an additional $400 to upgrade. Terms in * above apply.

Slope Soaring Upgrade

Paragliding: + $900***

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*** We will credit $197 from the Slope Soaring against the iP1.5 Student Pilot course if you sign up and pay for the iP1.5 Student Pilot the same day after your Slope Soaringyou have passed with a minimum of 75% each course module, and continue with the paragliding flights immediately, while the knowledge is still fresh.  In this case, you only have to pay an additional $900 to upgrade. Terms in * above apply.