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Top Gun References

We recently graduated a CF-18 Hornet Pilot from our Top Gun iP2 Novice Paragliding Pilot program.  Read about his impressions of iParaglide.

iParaglide Location

Located at 962 - 51st Street Tsawwassen, near Vancouver, BC, Canada, for all your paragliding needs. We are ideally situated just minutes away from the finest training hill at Diefenbaker Park.

iParaglide Flying Sites

We are central to paragliding sites in the Vancouver, Chilliwack, Pemberton, Whistler, Bellingham and Seattle area so students enjoy maximum variety and we can work with weather to optimize selection of the best location each day.

Right Stuff Equipment

We regularly test fly the latest paragliding gear and select only the very finest for our iParaglide Right Stuff Paragliding Equipment Store. This ensures our paraglider pilots enjoy a state of the art performance and safety advantage to accelerate their learning curve.

Paragliding Webcams

Vancouver Paragliding Webcams - get a view of cloud base to plan your paragliding cross country flight adventure.

Woodside Mtn Webcam

Bridal Webcam

Chilliwack Webcam

Hope Webcam 

Pemberton Webcam

Bellingham Bay Webcam

Tiger Mtn Webcam 


iParaglide P2 Graduate Soaring at Tiger Mountain, Washington

After many 4 am wake-ups, lots of homework including weather reports, and practicing my ground-handling to be able to produce a 20-minute, forward and reverse kiting video, I can honestly say that it was so worth it.

Dion has some of the highest safety and flying-technique standards around in paragliding and it does not go un-noticed when my launch and landings are some of the best in the group flying on a given day at any of the various paragliding sites we now drive out to every weekend.

If you are reading this and trying to decide on a flying school, I can tell you that by learning with Dion of iParaglide and following his techniques and philosophy, you will have hands down the best chance of flying accident-free for the rest of your life. 

I completed the iParaglide P1 program during the summer of 2016. In spring of 2017, I began the P2 program and later took a bit of a hiatus because I got too busy with work. In 2018, I came back with a vengeance and graduated with my P2 in under 2 months. My  husband (who is also a paragliding pilot) and I now fly every week at the numerous sites within a 3 hour drive of Vancouver, BC. 

In this video my husband is wearing my GoPro camera, chasing me as we soar at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington - my favourite mountain so far! This past weekend we were able to each get 5 thermaling flights logged over the course of 2 days, and several of those flights were over an hour long! 

I even got hundreds of feet higher than the rest of the pack at several points while soaring my "Mighty" Swing Mito paraglider high above launch, and it was awesome :)


Chasing my wife (at 2000 feet ;)

Paragliding at Beautiful Tiger Mountain near Seattle, WA.


Kiting Practice Taken to New Heights at Vanier Park

Ingredients: Laminar Wind 14-18km/hr, preferably straight off the water.  Hand held tow rope (in this case, about 6 meters long).  Experienced paraglider pilot with excellent ground handling skills.  Strong and experienced partner to manage the line, the footwork, the tension.

Mix together.

Results: Flying your paraglider for minutes at a time off a flat surface at a public park near you, with the aerodynamics, feeling and experience 100% the same as if you were flying at 3000 feet!  Trust me, your wing doesn't know or particularly care about the difference :)  And when you're hungry to get airborne, being a human kite will work just fine to satisfy the itch!...with some fantastic active-piloting practice to boot, that will help to make your "real" flying that much safer.



  • #1 Yes it's as fun as it looks!   
  • #2 Don't try hand-towing until both you and your lineman have thoroughly mastered ground handling and kiting in relatively high wind conditions.



Amazing Ridge Soaring at Torrey Pines

Very experienced pilots have been known to call ridge soaring “boring.”  I think they’re crazy :)  

Floating upwards in close proximity to the ground is one of the single most perfect sensations and powers you can possess — closer to being Superman for an hour than even the highest “big air” mountain flights.  We all know how much fun kiting can be....but just imagine doing it 5 floors off the ground in harmonious balance between your weight, the wing, the ocean breeze and your wing’s forward-thrusting profile.  

Then, like some comic book hero, you decide to go play down at some other part of the ridge a mile away, hundreds of feet above the beach, or even above a world-class golf course.  

Welcome to Torrey Pines (Southern California).  

P3 rating required — this intensive and incredibly educational and safety-oriented course programme is offered every season by iParaglide, which also offers the American equivalent P3 rating from the United States Hanggliding and Paragliding Association.




VIMFF Feb 9 -17 with Paragliding


Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved being in the mountains and the elements of nature. I started with hiking, but before long I was finding ever more creative ways of taking the short cut and riding gravity down: tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding and eventually paragliding. The beauty of mountains and their colorful sports also allowed me to pursue other passions including photography and independent filmmaking. 

Not surprisingly I have been glued to films featuring adventure sports in the mountains for as long as I can remember and the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) has found its regular mark on my calendar.

I have been honored to be invited to be an MC at VIMFF evenings, as well as be Speaker to do a feature paragliding presentation The Sky is Your Playground several years back. 

VIMFF has grown and produced ever finer cinematography and speakers over the years, and 2018 is sure to delight.

Starting this evening, Feb 9, and running through Feb 17, a great variety of theme nights abound. You can find VIMFF details here:  Shows,  Speakers,  Films

Some outstanding events include SUP Adventures night Sat Feb 10 at the Rio Theater and feature guest speaker Chris Bertish, who Stand up Paddled across the Atlantic! 

And of course, for all the great paragliding fans out there, Fri Feb 16 at the Rio Theatre brings Benjamin Jordan's film, Strong the Wind Blows, which features his attempt to cross all southwestern Canada's mountain ranges from Vancouver to Calgary. (Photo courtesy of Benjamin Jordan)

Looking forward to seeing all the latest great adventures people have embarked on.  Hope to see you there!