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We recently graduated a CF-18 Hornet Pilot from our Top Gun iP2 Novice Paragliding Pilot program.  Read about his impressions of iParaglide.

iParaglide Location

Located at 962 - 51st Street Tsawwassen, near Vancouver, BC, Canada, for all your paragliding needs. We are ideally situated just minutes away from the finest training hill at Diefenbaker Park.

iParaglide Flying Sites

We are central to paragliding sites in the Vancouver, Chilliwack, Pemberton, Whistler, Bellingham and Seattle area so students enjoy maximum variety and we can work with weather to optimize selection of the best location each day.

Right Stuff Equipment

We regularly test fly the latest paragliding gear and select only the very finest for our iParaglide Right Stuff Paragliding Equipment Store. This ensures our paraglider pilots enjoy a state of the art performance and safety advantage to accelerate their learning curve.

Paragliding Webcams

Vancouver Paragliding Webcams - get a view of cloud base to plan your paragliding cross country flight adventure.

Woodside Mtn Webcam

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1) Swing Brave 3 Bikini Modular Harness

BRAVE 3 – Keep Riding!

The Brave 3 is a comfortable and lightweight reversible micro harness. It offers optimum mobility for Speedriding with Skis. At the same time it is also perfectly suitable for your Hike & Fly projects, Vol Bivouac Adventures and for light and compact paragliding. This versatility is achieved through easily installed additional modules, like a LTF-certified airbag-set, speed system-set and reserve parachute-set front container with a very light reserve parachute.

The materials used for the Brave 3 are high-quality and robust and carefully chosen to guarantee high durability and light weight. This way Swing could lower the weight of the harness by another 100gr compared to its predecessor. Also the backpack has been optimized and offers sufficient space also for standard paragliders, if packed right. The backpack volume is nicely compressible and the back part has been reworked for optimum carrying comfort, also for long tours. Both in backpack mode and flying mode, the harness is prepared for popular hydration systems.




The backpack offers attachment options for skis & poles and a large pocket for all your additional gear. In flying mode you will find a pocket under your right leg for the Speedriding Speedbag or other gear and an additional big pocket on your back.

There is no doubt: This reversible harness is perfect not only for Speedriding but also for your Hike & Fly projects, Vol Bivouac Adventures and for light & compact paragliding.  



Harness Features

-Leg straps single suspension
-Floating shoulder straps
-Adjustable back incline
-Outlet for drinking hose
-Emergency whistle on chest strap
-Including light-weight automatic karabiners


-Leg connectors for more comfortable flying
-Pocket for speed bag in leg strap
-Big Pocket on the back part
-Ready for speed system-set
-Ready for adaptive SWING Airbag Protector light, LTF certified
-Ready for optional front container with light weight reserve  parachute
-1800 gr light
-155cm – 195cm, one size
-Harness certification according LTF



Backpack Features

-Sufficient volume for paraglider/speed rider/hybrid
-Great carrying comfort, ventilation-system on the back,  ergonomic shoulder straps, reworked back part and backpack  cut.
-Big pocket for your accessories
-Attachment options for skis & poles
-SWING net on the side for ventilation
-Compression straps on the sides
-Emergency whistle on the chest strap
-Outlet for drinking hose
-Hand loops for comfortable hiking
-Optimized hip-belt for increased comfort, even on long tours

Optional Accessories

Airbag Set

-Very small packing volume
-Fast and easy attachment on the harness
-LTF certified*
-Can remain permanently on the harness 


Speed System Set

-Includes high-quality harken block pulleys
-Connector set for easy installation
-Free-Spee speed system (to order additionally)
-Can remain permanently on the harness  

Reserve Parachute Set

-Easy and fast installation
-Ideal for SWING Escape M
-Rescue weight only 1050gr incl. inner container
-Can remain permanently on the harness
-Super light front container 






3) Swing Connect Reverse 2 Paragliding Harness


A zero-pressure airbag and a sleek aerodynamic design: these are the most striking differences between the CONNECT REVERSE 2 paragliding harness and its predecessor models. The airbag takes shape by way of a steel spring, completely independent of airflow, guaranteeing maximum damping right from launch and ensuring the greatest possible dimensional stability even after years of use.

A specially shaped seat board, combined with optimised leg strap geometry, makes it easier for the pilot to get into the harness and, along with many other clever details, perfects the tried and tested system of Swing's convertible paragliding harnesses. The Alpine Back carrying system from backpack specialist Deuter® is of course used in the CONNECT REVERSE 2 as well, and this sets it apart from every other convertible harness on the market. In backpack mode, the crossed aluminium strips effectively transfer weight to the hip-belt wings, so the perceived weight is noticeably reduced and you’ll really enjoy the hike up to launch.


Once airborne, the CONNECT REVERSE 2 will wow you with its perfect balance between comfort and agility. The harness system with partly non-adjustable geometry ensures that the key settings don’t alter further during flight. Carefully selected, robust and high-quality materials complete the CONNECT REVERSE 2 and make it the number one choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable paragliding harness for extended hike & fly tours, travelling or simply for flying.


Harness features

  • airflow-independent airbag without air inlet (shape by way of steel spring)
  • specially shaped seat board for easy transition into flying position from launch and vice versa
  • right/left markings on the loops for the main carabiners – which in particular makes reverse clip-in easier
  • T-lock leg loops
  • magnetic holder for speed bar
  • integrated, size-adjustable reserve container under the seat
  • comfortable ergonomic back padding with mesh insert for improved ventilation
  • adjustable buckles on the straps for the sitting position, which stay in position
  • adjustable back rest angle
  • adjustable seat angle
  • markings for recommended standard pilot position
  • storage compartment for hydration bladder + drinking tube outlet
  • shoulder pocket with SOS emergency card
  • strap to attach a radio
  • two side pockets for flight accessories
  • alarm whistle on the chest strap
  • ball-bearing pulleys for speed system cord guide
  • set up for installation of a speed system
  • customisable: Quick-Out carabiners and steerable reserve can be installed

Backpack features

  • Alpine Back carrying system with detachable hip belt (see picture)
  • ample volume, even for large paragliders and helmet
  • U-shaped zipper for easier packing
  • attachment loops for optional helmet holder
  • loops on backpack base e.g. to attach a sleeping bag
  • side loops for trekking poles
  • two side pockets
  • top pocket with zip closure
  • stable compression straps with metal buckles
  • reflective strips for better visibility
  • alarm whistle on the chest strap
  • storage compartment for hydration bladder + drinking tube outlet 

Optional accessories

  • Deuter® rain protection cover
  • Deuter® cover for protection when travelling
  • Deuter® hydration system (3 litre)


Materials and specifications

  • lightweight and robust combination of materials (Cordura® and Babyrib)
  • weight 4.5 kg (size L)
  • stable plastic seat board

Safety and certification

  • airflow-independent airbag (integrated steel spring)
  • excellent damping values right from launch
  • Velcro-free rescue channel system
  • V-lines with integrated backup of the reserve/harness connection

5) Swing Connect Race Paragliding Harness

The Swing brand has been synonymous with expertise in paraglider manufacture for more than 20 years. Swing has been making harnesses in collaboration with Woody Valley for over ten years. Swing paragliding harnesses are designed exactly in accordance with Swing requirements and specifications and are produced using Woody Valley's know-how. Therefore, with only 3 harnesses in the Swing line-up, they have been able to gain a significant market share in this segment. The best example was the Connect Reverse, which is regarded as a milestone in convertible harnesses. Swing has expanded its range and, with the Connect Race, has released a state-of-the-art pod paragliding harness.

The Connect Race is an innovative, aerodynamic and very practical XC and competition harness, which will impress you with the special level of comfort it offers. It was developed in close collaboration with cross-country expert Daniel Tyrkas. As repeat German cross-country paragliding champion, he knows exactly what is important. Naturally the Connect Race has LTF certification, making it the ideal harness for long cross-country flights and competitions. Take a look at the following features.

Aerodynamics and features

  • aerodynamic back lining, which attaches directly to second front reserve with integrated cockpit the pilot's back / shoulders
  • integrated removable cockpit with neoprene instrument cover
  • cockpit with spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • space for 5 litres of ballast under the seat board
  • space for 5 litres of ballast in the cockpit
  • provision for a 3 litre hydration system from Deuter
  • fitted ergonomic carbon-seat board gives good contact and feeling for the paraglider
  • two large side pockets and also a smaller pocket for radio or camera
  • soft Velcro on the shoulder straps for small instruments
  • provision for hand warmer system
  • speed bag with outlet for water ballast / urine tube
  • speed bag with smart attachment points

Practicalities and comfort

  • speed bag, adjustable length and angle
  • smooth acceleration system
  • comfortable, ergonomic back section with mesh LTF-certification with 12cm foam-protector insert for improved ventilation
  • adjustable chest-shoulder straps and back support with markings to show recommended standard pilot position
  • easy access, neat closure with magnetic catch

Optional accessories

  • integrated second reserve container within cockpit
  • Deuter hydration system
  • ratchet pulleys to reduce speed bar pressure can be mounted as an option
  • quick-out carabiner can be mounted as an option

Materials and specifications

  • weight: 5.5 kg, including carabiners and speed system (size L)
  • strong yet light materials
  • carbon-seat board
  • sleek speed bag made from insulating softshell material
  • light-weight, practical buckles
  • carabiner-seat distance M 44.5cm, L 47cm, XL 49.5cm

Safety and certification

  • provision for second integrated reserve in cockpit easy-to-operate, neat and safe 
  • Get Up closure system (cockpit cannot be closed without chest and leg strap)
  • LTF-certification with 12cm foam-protector
  • optional side protection