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We recently graduated a CF-18 Hornet Pilot from our Top Gun iP2 Novice Paragliding Pilot program.  Read about his impressions of iParaglide.

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Located at 962 - 51st Street Tsawwassen, near Vancouver, BC, Canada, for all your paragliding needs. We are ideally situated just minutes away from the finest training hill at Diefenbaker Park.

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We are central to paragliding sites in the Vancouver, Chilliwack, Pemberton, Whistler, Bellingham and Seattle area so students enjoy maximum variety and we can work with weather to optimize selection of the best location each day.

Right Stuff Equipment

We regularly test fly the latest paragliding gear and select only the very finest for our iParaglide Right Stuff Paragliding Equipment Store. This ensures our paraglider pilots enjoy a state of the art performance and safety advantage to accelerate their learning curve.

Paragliding Webcams

Vancouver Paragliding Webcams - get a view of cloud base to plan your paragliding cross country flight adventure.

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1) Swing Mito Paraglider, Solid EN-A

Leading with innovation, Swing presents with MITO with brand new Ram Air Section Technology (RAST) or more simply called "The Wall“. This makes MITO different from all other currently existing EN-A paragliders in the paragliding market.

If you are wanting to turn the dream of flying into a reality, then the MITO is the ideal glider for you. Its launch behaviour is uncomplicated and harmonious, which ensures that novices will make rapid progress and gives weekend pilots peace of mind in difficult areas or in challenging launch conditions.

Once you are airborne, the MITO will win you over with its balanced handling which, combined with excellent climb rate, guarantees unique flying experiences which make our sport so special.

The MITO is the result of a combination of innovative ideas, advanced technologies and sound development work, based on decades of experience in paraglider development. Swing's goal: to develop a paraglider on which beginners and occasional flyers can rely on 100% and which offers a good deal of flying enjoyment without over-exerting the pilot.

To quote Otto Lilienthal, a German pioneer of aviation:

“To design a flying machine is nothing. To build one is something. But to fly is everything”.

MITO’s distinctive design feature is the patent-pending Ram Air Section Technology (RAST). The MITO is the first glider to use this completely new design characteristic, distinguishing it from all other EN A paragliders currently available on the market. 

RAST – Ram Air Section Technology

RAST divides the canopy crossways to the flight direction into different pressure sections and regulates the airflow in the wing through defined openings. During the launch procedure, the flow of air is thus slowed, so that the front third of the profile takes shape much more quickly than the back section. Conversely, the air cannot escape as quickly from the rear section of the wing if there is a collapse. 

With RAST, the pilot enjoys the following benefits: 

  • First, exceptional straight forward and even launch behaviour.  The paraglider has no tendency to overshoot or to launch the pilot unintentionally. The MITO positions itself properly above the pilot.
  • Second, the MITO remains calm in turbulent conditions. Should there ever be a collapse, the escape of air from the back section is slowed, which effectively prevents the trailing edge from emptying and thereby major collapses.

The operation of RAST was confirmed in numerous test flights and complex testing in cooperation with flying schools.


3D-shaping of the leading edge for targeted tension control is now standard practice in paraglider design. However, corresponding 3D-shaping at the trailing edge in combination with the mini-ribs is needed to achieve a much better result.

Building on the lessons learned from the NYOS (high-end EN-B), MITO's ballooning at the trailing edge is reduced by a combination of 3D-shaping and mini ribs. Up to now, increasing glide performance was only achieved in the last 20% of chord of wing by flattening using mini. But the system of a lot of ribs creates the perfect chance for an additional 3D shaping.

For the MITO this change at the trailing edge to mini ribs throughout with internal seams plus 3D-shaping results in a higher trim speed of plus 1.5 km/hr and a clearly higher resistance against deep stall.

Special Features

  • shark nose profile changing fluently into low drag profile at the stabilos
  • mini ribs with internal seams and 3D-shaping
  • hybrid 3-liner guarantees easy and fast preparing for take-off

Swing Mito Manual

Swing Mito Lineplan

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